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oceanBiological Disturbance in the Marine Environment

Dr Mroczek talks with marine biologist Dr Pederson re: the problem of non-native species being introduced to our ocean coastline water particularly by the release of ballast water from tankers at our ports. Dr Pederson shows us live samples of the small, passive, simple creatures such as sea squirts, anemones, and tiny crabs, both introduced and/or naturally occurring that cling to flat surfaces such as pier columns and rocks along our coast – creatures that look like indiscriminate ‘stuff’ rather than collections of small living organisms – some of which belong there and some of which do not and disrupt the shoreline ecology important to ocean health. Dr Pederson relates how this study bears on commercial aquaculture as well. The discussion is an eye opening awareness of more of what constitutes the living fabric of our earth and its vulnerability from human deeds.

salmonTopic 1: Fishy Fish Topic 2: New Car Smell Part 1

Even before the 2010 oil spill in Louisiana, the alarming condition of sea life and the seafood supply; also what’s in your new car smell can hurt you

louisiana fishHolocaust in the Gulf

Sea Life in the Gulf of Mexico continues to suffer and then dies, dies, dies, and, no, it’s not over; the death, dying, and depletion will continue. Nancy Mroczek PhD (2010)

chickn mcnuggtMcDonald’s Needs No Farm

Fast-Food Dangers: case in point; non-food half of chicken McNuggets and your well-being and health.

ge miceGenetic Engineering and Animals

Dr Mroczek discusses genetic engineering of animals with Elaine Birkholz of the Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. The discussion includes description of the processes and ends, description of aspects of experience for the hapless animals coercively subjected to such use, and especially description of the suffering and pain of animals victimized as objects or tools of such study and matters of what if any animal protections prevail. Warnings of the unknown but variably probable outcomes from genetic engineering that could be detrimental to human existence are also given. Discussion is broad and wide about what constitutes and what is at stake in unbridled genetic engineering using animals and what is tantamount to horrible animal suffering.

RADIOACTVBasic Understanding of Radioactive Energy – with Ernest Moniz

Dr Mroczek questions Dr Ernest Moniz, eminent nuclear engineer scientist of MIT and Obama administration Secretary of Energy, about radiation basics for non-nuclear educated persons. 

RADIOACTVLay Person’s Guide to Nuclear Force and Radiation

Exquisite discussion about exactly what nuclear energy and radiation are with Professor Ian Hutchinson of MIT’s Department of Nuclear Science and Engineering 

RADIOACTVNuclear Radiation

Dr Ken Czerwinski of MIT gives an excellent discussion with Dr Nancy Mroczek about radiation effects on biological as well as inorganic matter, the many facets of radioactive energy around us and in our lives, and insights into nuclear fission and the operation of nuclear power plants.

toxic foodJeopardies to our Physical Well-Being

Highlighting a few of the very very many body harmful things we eat or use everyday; also a plea for animals.

downloadNature and Animals in Distress

Dr Mroczek talks about the multitudinous negative realities for our exploited earth and suffering animals and receives listener calls. She talks about soil quality, air quality, ocean pollution, dwindling seafood, the horror for animals used in research, as well as how and why these are important and bad.

animal research monkeyAnimal Research Right or Wrong

Discussion of opponent Dr Mroczek about animal research with Massachusetts Society for Medical Research president Ms Higgins Cavalier and veterinarian Dr Niemi. Discussion covers layers of animal advocacy and research licensing, oversight committees, numbers and kinds in animal usage, exclusion of rats and mice from many regulations in place for other species, philosophy of and against using animals, and the role and issues of lab technicians. Dr Mroczek weaves interjections and principles for consideration against use of any animal for any research on the basis of it’s suffering and hapless vulnerability to be used – summarized in the fact that animals are sentient and willful and animals feel pain and terror – including the pain of existence in a small cage, isolation, boredom, to say the least of invasive procedures and illness. Someday we’ll all be free.

PSIA View of Neurology on Psychiatry

Dr Mroczek looks at major serious forms of psychiatric disorder and symptoms in discussion with Dr Price, chief of the Dept of Neurology at McLean’s Hospital. Dr Price advances developments in biological causation of such conditions as well as pharmacological models for their study and management. Dr Mroczek imparts a behavioral and phenomenological perspective to psychiatric disease.


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